kolhapuri TRADITTION

Chhotu Kolhapuri is brainchild of two brothers Sunil Vaishnav and Kapil Vaishnav who belongs from Kolhapur region. With their inherited knowledge of Kolhapuri food and culture they decided to start this business in 2010 in Aurangabad with intension of sharing their culture and food with others.

The name “Chhotu Kolhapuri” came from nickname of Kapil Vaishnav, “Chhotu” and “Kolhapuri” to denote their Kolhapuri heritage.

You will not find any restaurant across India which do not have Veg Kolhapuri dish in their menu, it is among the top 5 selling dishes in any restaurant that shows the popularity of Kolhapuri food across country.

According to both the founders “Kolhapuri food is known for just its spiciness but that is not the case Kolhapuri food is all about choosing correct spices and correct combination of the spices while preparing the Kolhapuri food”. They wanted everyone to know this, hence begins the journey of “Chhotu Kolhapuri”.

With their humble start from small store in Aurangabad now Chhotu Kolhapuri is representing Kolhapuri food and culture across country.

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